Can The Environment Impact Your Mental Health?

Don’t ask me to snap out of it.


It’s no secret that the environment around us can have an impact on our mood and mental state, and you may have realised this yourself as the seasons swap and change between each other. For instance, a rainy day may make you feel more down and depressed than usual – and depression is often linked to rainy days. Whereas a bright and sunny day may make you feel happier and as though you have more energy. Bright weather is linked to positivity and positive thoughts, and on the other hand rainy weather is linked to depression.

But is it possible to alter this meteorological impact on our mood? Well, studies have shown that if you turn on the lights during downpours, as opposed to crawling around in the dark in despair and hiding yourself away, then you can experience a lift in mood. Studies have demonstrated that light can increase serotonin, so next time you have a literal rainy day and you feel your mood start to shift – this is something you could give a try. Let us know in the comments if you find this helps you (sharing is caring)!

Engaging in pleasurable activities can also improve your mood. If it’s raining outside then try and find something enjoyable that you can do inside if you don’t like going out in the rain. Maybe watch a movie, or you could play board games with friends/family. Maybe some arts and crafts is what it takes to lift your spirits? Whatever it is, distract yourself from the miserable weather and do something to cheer you up a little. I personally find that watching funny things helps me a lot when I’m feeling low – and rainy days gives me an excuse to do more of that.

Whilst this may sound like an unaware moron giving you lame advice, you should try exercising when the weather isn’t that great and you’re feeling down. I know how hard it can be to get up and be active, but it does help and the endorphins running around your body can contribute to a better place of mind. Physical exercise has been linked to improved self-esteem and it gives you vitality. It’s difficult to give yourself that push, but maybe having a dance to some of your favourite music will help lift your mood?

On the whole, rainy days can lead us to feel more depressed – but being indoors can bring with it plenty of fun activities we can engage in when it’s pouring outside and their are plenty of ways of lifting your spirits.

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