Banishing The Stigma (Audio)

I will never understand why every organ in your body get support and sympathy when it is ill, except for your brain.


Stigma surrounds mental health, and it’s about time we got rid of it for good. We need to banish the stigma that surrounds mental health so that we can reach a more understanding society that better meets the needs of those whom battle with mental illnesses.

To banish the stigma, I believe we need to talk more and open up about our mental wellbeing. We need to discuss how we feel more and we need to talk about when we’re upset and why. And when we’re diagnosed with mental illnesses, I believe that being open about our diagnosis and what it means for us and those around us will help to develop understanding and empathy in people who currently lack it.

Currently, people think we’re crazy. They think we’re going to hurt them. But that’s so often not the case, and we have to do something to tackle those negative assumptions about mental health.

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