Dealing With Stress

The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die – Juliette Lewis


Stress can hit any of us at any time, and it can be brutal. It can leave us feeling anxious and nervous and angry and so many emotions all at the same time. The problem with stress is that it’s difficult to avoid, it comes to us all at some stage. Whether it be your studies, your job or even your family life – anything can stress us out.

I’ve found my own little ways of dealing with stress, and I’m hoping that you guys may find them useful too:

  1. I find that taking a little break from whatever you’re doing that’s stressing you out can help a lot. I go for a smoke (I don’t recommend starting that habit if you don’t smoke already) and I have a coffee and that will typically help me in calming down.
  2. Keeping on top of your medication will also be a useful tool in your bag. Whilst I find my medication to not be all that effective in dealing with my mood swings and low moods, I get more stressed when I don’t take it (likely because of withdrawal). It does help to calm me down a little when I take it, and it keep anxiety attakcs at bay. If you’re prescribed medication for your mental health, never miss a dose. Your stress levels will thank you later.
  3. Organise things in such a way that they don’t appear as stressful and difficult. If you’ve got a mountain of work on your desk that you have to get through, organise it into smaller piles and do it a little bit at a time. Don’t let huge piles daunt you, you can and will get there, and taking it a bit at a time will make it seem less daunting.
  4. Get out of the place where you’re getting stressed. Go for a walk or meet up with some friends. This is similar to taking a little break, only it’s a slightly bigger break. If you have time to spare in order to get the work done, then I find getting out can always be helpful in calming me down and easing my stress levels.

Overall, there are always ways to destress when you’re wrapped up in the moment. Taking little breaks and organising your work can help a lot, they help me a lot at least. Just find the little things that help you and roll with them. Getting stressed isn’t good for our mental health, so it’s important that we find ways of dealing with it and destressing.

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