5 Positive Traits Of Borderline Personality Disorder

It hurts so bad when you have a fear of abandonment caused by a mental disorder, but it’s that same mental disorder that causes people to walk out of your life.


When it comes to living with mental health issues, many people assume it’s all doom and gloom – and this is more prevelant when it comes to issues such as Borderline Personality Disorder. It’s important to remember however that sufferers of BPD aren’t bad people, and we do have many positive traits that can be associated to our personality disorder.

  1. Empathy and Compassion: Those with BPD often find it easier to relate to other people, potentially down to our own shattered sense of self which makes it easier to find ourselves in other people. You’ll be hard pushed to find a more empathetic bunch of people.
  2. Emotionally Intense: Okay, I know this doesn’t sound all that great but hear me out. We borderlines feel things on a much deeper level to those without the disorder. We feel everything strongly and fully, and this counts for both the highs and the lows. We express the positives strongly and meaningfully, because we feel them as strongly as we express them. We’re very deep people, and perhaps worth getting to know.
  3. Loyal: I’ve said this before on other platforms, but borderlines are incredibly loyal to those they feel connected to. We form powerful bonds with people that we wouldn’t want to risk saying goodbye to, and once you get past our hardened shell you’ll see for yourself just how loyal we can be.
  4. Strong: After everything we’ve been through and all of the things we continue to deal with on a daily basis, naturally we’re highly strong and resilent and this allows us to better cope with situations when we reach later life. We become so used to dealing with issues and emotions that it becomes habitual for us to be strong.
  5. Detecting Falsehoods: Whilst many would mistake this as being distrustful, borderlines are so afraid of abandonement that they become very adpet at detecting when someone is lying to them or someone they care about. We look for the small signs that others simply wouldn’t notice, we’ve often been through it all before numerous times so we know what to look out for. Whilst it may stem from trust issues, I consider being a human lie detector a good trait to have. Nobody can get past us without being called out on their lies.

On the whole, it’s important in my opinion to recognise that not everything is bad when it comes to personality disorders. We do have positive traits and we aren’t the crazy psychopaths you see depicted in the media. The only representation we get is when someone with our diagnosis has done something considered psychotic – and I feel it’s time we start spreading positivity. Whilst getting treatment is highly important and having a mental illness shouldn’t be glorified, it’s just as important to ensure that not only the bad things are considered.

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